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Revealing the potential of transition metal dichalcogenides for thermoelectric applications through nanostructuring and confinement




MELoDICA is a research project funded by the FLAG ERA European Research Area Network, within the Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2017.

This project explores the potential of tuning electronic confinement and nanostructured morphology in view of enhancing the thermoelectric performance of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). By combining experimental measurements on samples in different forms (single flakes, films, heterostructures and restacked nano-flake assemblies) and theoretical calculations (first principles calculations for electron and phonon states, statistical approach to model transport across interfaces in nano-flake assemblies), we aim at obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the physical mechanisms into play and a realistic assessment of TMDs as thermoelectric materials for device applications in energy conversion or cooling, such as thermoelectric micro-coolers.


Duration: 36+6 months

Start date: April 19th, 2018

Contact: ilaria.pallecchi [at]